Arukh haShulchan Yomi

Rav Yechiel Michel Epstein, author of the Arukh haShulchan. From the cover of a sefer by R/Dr Aitam Henkin Hy"d vzt"lThe AishDas Society
is proud to be hosting

Arukh haShulchan Yomi!

Covering Orakh Chaim, the parts of Yoreh Deah relevant at home, and selected topics from Eveh haEzer and Choshein Mishpat…. The halakhos of daily life from waking up in the morning to going to bed, from kashrus in the kitchen to honoring one’s parents to taharas hamishpachah to aveilus.
With the Arukh haShulchan’s analysis of how the halakhah came to be what it is.

Started Shavuos – May 29th, 2020


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The Arukh haShulchan Yomi is also included on our Luach page. (That Luach also offers halachic times for any location in a novel month-calendar format, as well Daf (Bavli) and Daf Yerushalmi Yomi. The Arukh haShulchan Yomi is provided as a link to a copy of the day’s text.

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