About Us

The AishDas Society was founded in 1993 by Rabbis Micha Berger and Yosef Gavriel Bechhoffer. They created the society in response to the spiritual malaise they saw was affecting themselves and their friends. They felt that a new paradigm of Avodas Hashem was necessitated in order to combat this, bringing the fire back into Jewish spirituality in a way consistent with traditional teachings of the great spiritual leaders of the past.

Over the years, the AishDas Society was successful in taking leadership in the online arena of Jewish thought, running a successful website, active mailing lists, affiliated blogs and internet directories, Dvar Torah compendiums and more. But it had still not been successful in achieving its goal.

In 2009, Rabbi Micha Berger and a group of AishDas members reconstituted the AishDas Society, and reaffirmed its mission in a revised Mission Statement. They formed a board, elected officers and assigned tasks, all with the goal of reaching more people than ever before. A successful (and ongoing!) eVaad was the first of the new projects, and the society is actively proceeding to continue with more Ve’adim (including the first ever women’s eVaad), publication projects and more.