The AishDas Society empowers Jews to utilize their observance
in a process for building thoughtful and passionate relationships
with their Creator, other people and themselves.

To do so, we offer unique programs, educational events
and a supportive community
and help other organizations develop programs and curricula.

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Welcome to AishDas.org! We hope that you find our new website easy to navigate, helpful and informative.

See here for our Arukh haShulchan Yomi initiative!

Two Years Running: Started Shavuos 5780 – May 29th, 2020

“It was taught at Eliyahu’s Beis Medrash: Whomever learns halakhah daily is assured of being a person of the World To Come!” – Niddah 73a

The AishDas Society is committed to increasing Avodas Hashem in whatever way possible. We are not affiliated with any other particular group and our programs and material are aimed at every Jew.

For more information on our activities please browse through our site. If you would like the AishDas Society to host an event or start a program in your area, please contact us.

Torah Parashah Community
  • Mussar resources: Practical information about mussar and how to run a va’ad
  • Rabbi Yaakov Feldman‘s subsite of shiurim – “Torah from the Heart, to the Heart” (currently exploring the thought of the Ramchal)
  • Aspaqlaria blog: divrei Torah by Rabbi Micha Berger on Jewish thought, mussar and the parashah.
  • Divrei Torah from Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer
  • Divrei Torah from Rabbi Gil Student
  • Ashirah Lashem: A siddur for Friday night davening.
Guest Sites
  • Toras Aish for Chukas is now available. See the Toras Aish web page for an archive, information about subscribing or purchasing a set of Toras Aish back-issues on CD.
  • Midrash and Method: by Rav Meir Levin. A weekly thought focusing on the methodology of studying midrash and extracting its message.
  • The Avodah mailing list archives
  • Blogs written by AishDas members
  • Articles by AishDas members (See also individual blogs on left)
  • Jewish Calendar Hebrew Dates, Halachic times, Daf Yomi and Arukh haShulchan Yomi
  • Torah Net: Torah links from around the net.
  • Torat Emet – a collaborative response to an attack on our faith.