Rav Avraham Elya Kaplan

There was a man,
A man whose life was creation,
A man whose creation was life.

There was a man who sang and who learned and who taught,
And who thought and who rejoiced
And who loved and who grieved.

And all of his words were alive and illuminated
With the light of Avraham Avinu’s furnace,
A brilliant light that escapes from between his words
That like a hammer shatters rock,
The light of the secrets of Yisroel,
The light of the secret of the world.

And the light became life,
The light of life, a life of light.
“And he is no longer.”

Is he no longer?

Wasn’t the brilliance of his smiling eyes absorbed
In the light of my eyes, in the light of your eyes,
You, my brother in sorrow, who knew him?

Will it not happen that his image will flash out and illumine us?
Will it not happen that we will see him smiling at us?

Accompanying us in our determined pursuits, in attempts to be “alive,”
In our ascents, in the joy of our creations?

Let us impart to all who come within our precincts
From the light of his eyes, from the light of his soul.

And they will live by them.

And he will live in them.

– Dr. Fyvel Meltzer, Telzer “HaNe’eman”, 1929