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Is it time to take your Avodas Hashem and Bein Adam L’chaveiro to the next level?

Many Rabbanim have recently emphasized the importance of working on our middos, but it is very difficult to figure out how to do that in a way that sticks.

We have been running eVaads (Ve’adim via telephone conference calls) for almost two years using a variant of Rav Shlomo Wolbe’s model for Ve’adim. The current successful format is based on Rav Wolbe’s instructions in Sefer Alei Shur. Each Vaad,which runs for an hour every other week, generally follows this format: Members first report on their progress working on the Avodah, or homework, from the previous Vaad. Following that, the next Vaad  in Alei Shur is presented by the (rotating) leader, and then a new task is presented for the Vaad-members to work on in the following two weeks. Between Ve’adim,  members interact via a chavrusa system and a Vaad-wide email list for mutual feedback and support.

We are glad to report that after almost two years of participating in Ve’adim, the Vaad members have agreed that it is a successful endeavor. All of us have noticed improvement in our middos, and so have our family members.

Now that we have experience with this kind of program we would like to invite you, in the name of, to start or join a new Vaad, patterned after the successful format of the original Ve’adim, but this time in your own community!

If you would like to join a currently running Vaad, set up a program like this in your community, or would like to find out more information, please contact us.