Avodah Acronyms

Here’s a hopefully useful but incomplete list of acronyms that are standard to Avodah, but aren’t in common usage. I marked each either “A” for those specific to Avodah; “J” those that are used in Jewish internetting; and “I” denote those acronyms used throughout the internet culture.

A chaveir on the list is often referred to by his initials preceded by a leading “R” for Rav or Reb. (For example, I would be RMB, and R’ Bechhofer is RYGB.) This ambiguity allows you to avoid insulting someone by omitting a well-earned title while not requiring that people toot their own horns to let you know such titles exist. The female equivalent is R’n for Rebbetzin or R’t for Rabbanit.

Acronym Venue Meaning
AFAIK I as far as I know
A”H / AhS A Aruch haShulchan
AIUI I as I understand it
AYH A a reference to the question about an email: Does this detract from Ahavas or Yir’as Hashem? (see DNA)
AZ A avodah zarah
BHBS A Baruch Hu uBaruch Shemo
BhM A Birchas haMazon / Beis haMikdosh (see BM)
BM A Beis haMikdosh (see BhM) / Beis Medrash
b”n A beli neider
B”N A Ben Noach
BTW I By the way
CC A the Chafeitz Chaim (see MB)
CDRG A cheirem diRabbeinu Gershom
ChL A chutz la’aretz (also, ChuL) Chovos haLvavos
ChM A chol hamo’ed
ChuL A chutz la’aretz (also, ChL)
CI A Chazon Ish
C J Conservative
CKvS A Chag kasher vesamei’ach
CS A Chasam Sofer
c”v A chas vishalom
CYLOR J consult your local Orthodox rabbi (see LOR)
DL A Dati Le’umi (see RZ)
DNA A Darchei No’am alert — a warning email from Avodah’s moderator (see AYH) (sometimes: deoxyribonucleic acid)
EY A Eretz Yisrael
FOAF I friend of a friend — the source of all urban legends
FWIW I for what it’s worth
GG A Gud gezogt! (well said!; see ZGG)
H’ J Hashem
HKBH A HaKadosh Baruch Hu (also HQBH)
HP A hashgochah peratis
HQBH A HaQadosh Baruch Hu (also HKBH)
IIANM I if I am not mistaken
IIRC I if I recall correctly (a stronger form of ISTR)
IIUC I if I understand correctly
IM A Igeros Moshe (see RMF)
IMHO I in my humble opinion (see IMO, LAD)
IMO I in my opinion (see IMHO, LAD)
IOW I in other words
ISTR I I seem to recall (a weaker form of IIRC)
KT A Kol tuv! (a greeting)
L J Lubavitch
LAD J lifi aniyus da’ati (see IMHO, IMO)
LH J lashon hara
LR J Lubavitcher Rebbe (see also RMMS). On Avodah, we eschew community-specific titles like “the Rebbe” or “the Rav”, to remain a home across such boundaries.
LOR J local Orthodox rabbi (usually meaning: the rabbi you usually ask your halachic questions; see also CYLOR)
LW A left wing
MA A Magein Avraham
MB A Mishnah Berurah (see CC)
MmD A Mesukim MiDevash, an AishDas weekly on machshavah, mussar and tefillah.
MmE A Michtav meEliyahu (see REED)
MMG”H A a defunct AishDas learning program (mikra, mishna, gemara & halachah)
MOAG A “Making of a Gadol”, a book (rapidly pulled from the shelves) by RNKaminetzky
MO J Modern Orthodox
M”T A matan Torah
MvR A Maran veRabbanan
NIRC A Ner Israel Rabbinical College (Baltimore)
NK A Neturei Karta
OC A Orach Chaim (also, O”Ch)
O”Ch A Orach Chaim (also, OC)
OCR J Orthodox vs. Conservative vs. Reform
OhB A Olam haBa
O J Orthodox
OTOH I on the one/other hand
R A Rabbi; Rav; Reb; occasionally: Reform Jew / Judaism
RAS A Rav Aharon Soloveitchik
RBShO A Ribbono shel Olam
REED A Rav Eliyahu E. Dessler (see MmE)
REW A Rav Elchanan Wasserman, Hy”d
RH A Rosh HaShanah
RJBS A Rav Joseph Soloveitchik. (Also: RYBS, RYDS.) On Avodah, we eschew community-specific titles like “the Rebbe” or “the Rav”, to remain a home across such boundaries.
RMF A Rav Moshe Feinstein (Also: IM = Igeros Moshe)
RMMS A Rav Menachem Mendel Shneerson (the 7th Lubavitcher Rebbe; see LR). On Avodah, we eschew community-specific titles like “the Rebbe” or “the Rav”, to remain a home across such boundaries.
Rn A Rebbetzin (see R’; also, R’it)
ROY A Rav Ovadiah Yosef
RSRH A Rav Samson Rephael Hirsch
RSZA A Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach
Rt A Rabbanit (see R’; also, R’in)
RW A right wing
RY A Rosh Yeshiva
A Rav Yoseph Ber/Dov Soloveitchik. (Also: RJBS.) On Avodah, we eschew community-specific titles like “the Rebbe” or “the Rav”, to remain a home across such boundaries.
RYS A Rav Yisrael (Lipkin) Salanter
RZ A Religious Zionist, -ism (see DL)
SA J Shulchan Aruch
SE A Seridei Eish
SOP I Standard Operating Procedure
SR A the Satmar Rav
TE A Tzitz Eliezer
TIA I thanks in advance
TIDE A Torah im Derech Eretz
TuM A Torah uMadda
URL I universal resource locator — a web address
VEKML A ve’ein kan makom leha’arich (this isn’t the time/space to explain at length)
VIDC A vus is der chiluk? (what is the [halachic] distinction?)
WADR I with all due respect (i.e. bimchilas kivodo)
WRT I with respect to
W-t A wissenschaft
YCT A Yeshivat Chovevei Torah
YK A Yom Kippur
YMMV I your mileage may vary (that was my experience, yours may vary)
YT A Yom Tov
YU J Yeshiva University
YY A Yalkut Yosef
ZGG A Zeiyer gud gezogt! (very well said!; see GG)