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Setting up a va’ad

Page from Vaad Notebook from Yeshivas Shaar haTorah, Grodna

AishDas is committed to using mussar as a means of keeping the forest of Torah in sight while performing the various trees of din.

As part of that, we are organizing ve’adei mussar (lit: mussar comittees), in a number of neighborhoods. We are following the format outlined by Rav Wolbe shlita in Alei Shur vol. 2. This involves developing various middos through pragmatic excercises. A more detailed guideline is available here.

Relevant material from Alei Shur vol II by R’ Wolbe, (thanks to R’ Bennett Ruda for placing the originals on-line, translations by Micha Berger):

R’ Bennet Ruda also placed R’ Eliyahu Dessler’s short guide to learning how to be ma’avir al midosav (not overly focussed on oneself and one’s rights) on his shul’s web site (translation). It could be useful for creating a series of ve’adim on that middah.

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Dr Nathan Birnbaum and Ha’olim

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Some 65 years ago, ago the renowned Western European ba’al teshuva, Dr. Nosson Birnbaum zt”l attempted to found a movement, “Ha’Olim” (The Ascenders), to bring the pathways of Eastern European avodah and his’orerus to the West. It was an attempt to bring Mussar out of the yeshiva and into a communal structure. His work was cut short by the tragic events of the time.

Ha’Olim is the nearest historical precedent to The AishDas Society.

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