The Avodah mailing list hosts a chevrah that focuses on analysis of hashkafah, avodas Hashem, ta’amei hamitzvos, lomdus, machshavah, and halachah — with an emphasis on the places where halachah, machshavah and hargashah meet.

In addition to the core topics of the list, Avodah is aimed at building and strengthening that chevrah. So, in addition to Avodah, which is for the discussion of Torah, by default subscription includes Areivim, a more general discussion area. Areivim’s archive is not available without membership and a password; it is less public, and has a less formal atmosphere.

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The discussion is maintained at a relatively high level; many of the participants are scholars or very knowledgeable lay people. The dialogue should, therefore, be in depth, and assume less need for translation of terms than in many other lists.

If you are interested in advanced discussions of topics that fall into these categories, this group may be for you!