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Tue, 01 Sep 2020

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From: Arie Folger
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2020 14:57:18 +0200
Re: [Avodah] Davening at home on Yamim Nora'im

RChaim Tafel wrote:
> This year, a lot of us will be unable to go to shul
> for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
>  We will miss out on much of the "experience" of
> the piyutim. Does anyone know of guidelines for
> what to do at home, such as part of chazarat haShatz?

Say them all except for the few you should only ever say when you are
shatz, for example the netilot reshut, like all the misod chakhamim
unevonim lines and such as the Ochila (which really, in  my opinion,
despite the popular tunes, the tzibbur should never say, as it is the
netilat reshut for the shatz to insert the seder ha'avodah).

Also skip obviously hineni  he'ani mima'as, as it is for the shatz.

Also skip the E-lohein vE-lohei Avoteinu heyei 'im pifiyot (which in my
opinion the shatz shouldn't ever say, as it is a prayer for the shatz'
success recited by the public).

Finally, obviously whenever the cachzor calls for reciting 13 middot,
depending on the poskim you follow, either skip or recite with te'amim.

Otherwise I see no reason why you couldn'T beautifully sing your way
through the entire machzor. But don't use one of these butchered machzorim,
go for the real, unabbreviated, full and complete Rdelheim. (I am assuming
you're ashkenazi, because Sefardi piyutim are altogether different).

[Email #2. -micha]

By the way,  this is a great time to introduce the proper recitation of
certain popular piyutim that are generally paused wrong: Vekhol Maaminim,
Ma'aseh E-loheinu, Imru l'E-lohim, Ata Hu E-loheinu.

In all this cases,  a wrong "minhag" has established itself to read the
latter half of one line with the former half of the next line,  always
weirdly stopping in the middle. Or to use the opening refrain as a closing
refrain. That's just plain wrong,  so this is the year we can all train to
adapt the time to the proper sentence structure,  so next year we break the
bad habit.

I am obviously totally tolerant,  but it is still poetically wrong,
objectively so.

Ketiva vachatima tova,
Mit freundlichen Gren,
Yours sincerely,
Arie Folger
Check out my blog: http://rabbifolger.net

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Message: 2
From: Prof. Levine
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2020 09:14:15 -0400
[Avodah] Davening at home on Yamim Noraim

At 07:53 AM 8/28/2020, Chaim Tate wrote:

>This year, a lot of us will be unable to go to shul for Rosh Hashanah and
>Yom Kippur.
>We will miss out on much of the ?experience? of the piyutim.
>Does anyone know of guidelines for what to do at home, such as part of
>chazarat haShatz?

The YI of Midwood sent out an email saying that no piyyutim will be 
said during the davening on the Yomim Noraim. After all in many shuls 
the davening on Shabbos has been curtailed due to concerns about the 
virus. (no speeches and no singing).  In some shuls people have been 
told to daven up to Baruch She'omer before coming to shul.

So you won't be missing anything if other  shuls follow the YI of Midwood!

Personally I hope they do.  Long davening can lead to the spread of 
the virus even with proper social distancing.

Rav Yitzchok Hutner often said the it is better to daven a little 
with Kavanah,  than a lot without.  The result is that selichos in 
Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin take no more that 15 minutes , IIRC.

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Message: 3
From: BenS
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2020 13:49:54 +0000 (UTC)
Re: [Avodah] Davening on Yomim Tovim

The RCA And? ?YU have sent suggestions for shuls who want to skip certain piyutim.
ASk your Rov for these guidelines.

This can also be used for those who must daven at home.
But be sure to arrange for Shofar on the second day. Minimum of 30 Kolos are needed.
Shonoh Tovah!!
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Message: 4
From: Prof. L. Levine
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2020 13:53:54 +0000
[Avodah] Can One Order a Package Knowing It May Arrive on

Please see https://oukosher.org/halacha-yomis/i-want-to-order-a-new-cell-phone-and-am-not-particular-when-it-will-arrive-am-i-permitted-to-place-an-order-online-if-the-website-indicates-the-package-will-arrive-on-saturday/?category&;utm_source=SilverpopMailing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=shsh%20Ki%20Teitzei%205780%20%281%29&utm_content=&spMailingID=32470835&spUserID=MjM3MTAxNzY3NzIS1&spJobID=1764350018&spReportId=MTc2NDM1MDAxOAS2

I want to order a new cell phone and am not particular when it will arrive.
Am I permitted to place an order online if the website indicates the
package will arrive on Saturday? | OU Kosher Certification<https://oukosher.org/halacha-yomis/i-want-to-order-a-new-cell-phone-and-am-not-particular-when-it-will-arrive-am-i-permitted-to-place-an-order-online-if-the-website-indicates-the-package-will-arrive-on-saturday/?category&;utm_source=SilverpopMailing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=shsh%20Ki%20Teitzei%205780%20%281%29&utm_content=&spMailingID=32470835&spUserID=MjM3MTAxNzY3NzIS1&spJobID=1764350018&spReportId=MTc2NDM1MDAxOAS2>
The issue here is whether arranging a delivery for Shabbos constitutes
Amirah li?akum (instructing a non-Jew to perform melacha on Shabbos), which
is prohibited. One might assume that this is analogous to handing a letter
to a non-Jew on Friday and a...

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Message: 5
From: Akiva Miller
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2020 22:57:19 -0400
[Avodah] Hashem your G-d

In the Bikkurim procedure, the farmer says to the kohen, "I declare today
to Hashem your G-d that..." (Devarim 26:3)

Why does he say "your G-d" instead of "my G-d"?

This may happen elsewhere too, but this case stands out because the form
changes later on in this speech, when the farmer tells how "we cried out to
Hashem, the G-d of *our* ancestors..." (Devarim 26:7) Why the contrast? If
the third person was reasonable in the first part, why switch to the first
person later on?

Akiva Miller
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Message: 6
From: Zev Sero
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2020 16:58:44 -0400
Re: [Avodah] Can One Order a Package Knowing It May Arrive on

> https://oukosher.org/halacha-yomis/i-want-to-order-a-new-cell-phone-and-am-not-particular-when-it-will-arrive-am-i-permitted-to-place-an-order-online-if-the-website-indicates-the-package-will-arrive-on-saturday

> One may not place an order if the delivery will definitely take place
> on Shabbos. For example, one cannot send a package with UPS or FedEx
> on Friday and select ?next day delivery?. Similarly, one cannot order
> a refrigerator or washing machine from a store and arrange for a
> Saturday delivery.

I disagree with the author on this.  Since they could choose to deliver 
after Shabbos and still fulfil their obligation, you are not telling 
them to deliver on Shabbos.  In the winter this could actually happen. 
But even in the summer, when you can be fairly sure they won't do that, 
that's their choice not yours; if they did arrive after Shabbos you 
would have no right to complain, so you are not asking them to work on 

Only if they guarantee that "all deliveries will be made during business 
hours" or something similar would you not be allowed to order a Saturday 
delivery.  And even then, if there's a space for delivery notes, and you 
write that late night delivery will be OK, that should be enough to 
permit it, even if you can be fairly sure it won't change anything.

Zev Sero            Wishing everyone a *healthy* and happy summer
z...@sero.name       Seek Jerusalem's peace; may all who love you prosper


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