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Pamphlet 1 - Lice and Mice
-Was science given at Sinai?
-Did Chazal believe that lice do not reproduce?
-Is not eating lice one of the 613 commandments?
-Did Chazal believe that there is a mouse that is half flesh and half dirt?

Pamphlet 4 - On Twilight
-Did the Gemara misunderstand the astronomy of twilight?
-Is Rabbeinu Tam's view based on incorrect astronomy?
-Did the Vilna Gaon invent a new approach to the times of the day?

Pamphlet 9 - The Letters of the Torah
-Did the Torah used to have more letters than it now does?
-Did the Gemara have a different text of the Torah than we have?
-In what script was the Torah given?

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