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Talmudic Issues
The Body of G-d
 -Does G-d wear tefillin?
 -Do Rambam and Raavad disagree whether G-d has a body?
 -Does the gemara say that G-d has an image?
 -Do angels and demons exist?

Reading Shema
 -Proofreading: Did Tosafot distort the Mishna?
 -Intent for mitzvot: Did the Shulchan Aruch contradict the Gemara?

Halachic Times
 -How are halachic hours calculated?
 -From when does the day begin and when does it end?

Sacred Writings and the Jewish Canon
 -Sacred Writings and the Jewish CanonWere Ketuvim always part of the Bible?
 -Sacred Writings and the Jewish CanonDid some sages consider Ecclesiastes and Esther to be non-biblical books?
 -Sacred Writings and the Jewish CanonDid some rabbis consider Ben Sira to be a book of the Bible?

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