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Every person at one time questions his faith. It is only natural to do so. However, in modern times the questions are sometimes overwhelming. There are even times when there are those who feed one questions and prod one to reject one's faith. Do reason and science demonstrate that traditional Judaism is no longer acceptable? Should a modern, thinking person feel obligated to reject this venerable religion?

What this publication, Torat Emet, will attempt to do is to address these questions and to show that traditional Judaism has not been disproven. Neither science nor logic has demonstrated that rabbinic literature is untenable. There will be no attempt to prove that traditional Judaism is correct or G-d-given. The only issue that will be addressed is whether Judaism has been disproven and the single unifying theme of this publication is that it has not.

We will address questions that we have seen posed and will try to present an intelligent response. If you have any specific question you would like addressed, please forward it to the e-mail below.

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