Pidyon Shevuyim - Freeing Captives

Pidyon Shevuyim is one of the few mitzvos for which one is obligated even to violate Shabbos. The Jewish community knows of eighteen famous captives, but unfortunately we're investing only meager effort on their behalf.


The Dulberg Case

A summary of the case is available from the (U). More information is available from Progect Genesis, written by them and the (U).


Ten were found guilty and were given prison terms ranging from four to 13 years. The sentences - following a trial in a court where there is no jury and the judge is also the prosecutor - drew harsh condemnation from several Western countries and from Israel, which has denied that the Jews were its agents.

More news can be found at this My Yahoo! search.

The Association for the Liberation of Jonathan Pollard maintains a web site of information about his case.

Benny Shomer's site has more about Ron Arad, an Israeli MIA held since Oct. 16, 1985, and provides a petition to "sign" for his release.

The (U) offers information on how you can help the other Israeil MIAs.

Shmuel Cytryn and Dimitrii Fatakhov are free! Thanks for your efforts on their behalf!

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