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Thu, 22 Feb 2007

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From: "Micha Berger" <micha@aishdas.org>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 17:41:01 -0500 (EST)
[Avodah] Ivrit

On Wed, February 21, 2007 4:59 pm, R Zev Sero wrote:
: Lettuce.  I have no idea why Ivrit uses the word for horseradish,...

Your nomenclature is faulty. There are rishonim who refer to Lashon haQodesh
as "Lashon Ivri". The word "Ivrit" can't be used as though it exclusively
means Aba"zit (Ivrit bat zamaneinu) without a modifier.

Avraham being an Ivri, be that a descendent of Eiver or willing to stand in
opposition to the builders of Migdal Bavel, has much to do with why we posess
Lashon haQodesh, and thus IMHO shouldn't be played down.

Tir'u baTov!

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Message: 2
From: Zev Sero <zev@sero.name>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 18:14:09 -0500
Re: [Avodah] Ivrit

Micha Berger wrote:
> On Wed, February 21, 2007 4:59 pm, R Zev Sero wrote:
> : Lettuce.  I have no idea why Ivrit uses the word for horseradish,...
> Your nomenclature is faulty. There are rishonim who refer to Lashon haQodesh
> as "Lashon Ivri". The word "Ivrit" can't be used as though it exclusively
> means Aba"zit (Ivrit bat zamaneinu) without a modifier.

But did those Rishonim use the "-it" suffix to turn a nation's name
into the language that it speaks?  Nechemiah uses "Ashdodit" and
"Yehudit", and the Mishnah uses "Yevanit", but AFAIK the Rishonim
and Acharonim would have said "Lashon Ashdodi", or "Lashon Yehudi",
or "Lashon Yevani".

Zev Sero               Something has gone seriously awry with this Court's
zev@sero.name          interpretation of the Constitution.
                       	                          - Clarence Thomas

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Message: 3
From: Harry Maryles <hmaryles@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 15:37:10 -0800 (PST)
Re: [Avodah] Employing non-tznius staff

Danny Schoemann <doniels@gmail.com> wrote:
  If I'm involved in hiring more staff for our office, how should I
handle the possibility of hiring a lady who doesn't live up to Rav
Falk's guidelines, to say the least.

What would my halachic and legal options allow me to do?

Assuming that the best person for the job is such a candidate, and the
runner up is a man or a conservatively dressed lady, should I put
business or halacha first?

This is currently theoretical (though we are hiring), but after
thinking about it, I decided I'd like the chevra's input - even though
the answer should be obvious.

(The issue is tzibur-oriented, as there are many frum Yidden working
here, and there's always meetings that you have to be present at, and
can't "look at the floor" while being polite.)
  In my view, if you are charged by your employers to get the best employee available, you are forbidden to hire someone less qualified for Tznius reasons. Your options are as follows: 
  1)Tell you employers about your tznius concerns and the differences between the better qualified untznius woman and the lesser qualified tznius woman and see if they would accept the lesser qualifiued woman. 
  2) As in all matters of Halacha your job concerns are secondary to Halachic imperitives. If the Tznius violations are such that it would cause you to violate Halacha by being around her, be prepared to resign if your employer hires her. If OTOH the Tznius violations are minor, for example, if she is married and doesn't cover her hair, I wouldn't worry about it.
  The one thing you cannot do, IMHO is lie about it. To hire a lesser qulaified candidate and say that she was the most qualified because of your Tznius concerns would be G'neivas Daas.

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Message: 4
From: "kennethgmiller@juno.com" <kennethgmiller@juno.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 00:27:08 GMT
Re: [Avodah] Preferred form of maror

Zev Sero asked <<< AIUI, those who've looked into such things (are 
you here R Ari Z?) have concluded that that tradition is wrong, and 
horseradish actually isn't one of the five kinds at all. >>>

RAZ did that one eleven years ago.

Jewish Action, Spring 1996: "What’s the Truth about ... Using 
Horseradish for Maror?" By Ari Z. Zivotofsky


Google is your friend. (This was the very first item when I searched 
for: horseradish Zivotofsky)

Akiva Miller

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Message: 5
From: "Yisrael Medad" <yisrael.medad@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 09:15:45 +0200
[Avodah] Zipped

a) Shmot 28:7 notes that the two sections of the Ephod are simply to be
"chovrot" - attached/joined together.
b)  the attachment mechanism doesn't seem to be by a button but by a blue
thread/string.  so "veyirkasu" doesn't necessarily have to mean "they
c)  in Modern Hebrew,  "l'kafter" is "to button"

Yisrael Medad
Mobile Post Efraim 44830
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Message: 6
From: "D&E-H Bannett" <dbnet@zahav.net.il>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 10:41:36 +0200
[Avodah] Horse radish

Shalom R' Simon,
Since you seemed interested, I thought you'd like to see the 
attached summary of the referred to article re:horse radish. 
The complete article is available from the author as a 
pamphlet.  However, I don't remember how to contact him.  If 
you feel the urge for more detail, somebody else on the list 
might be of help.

BT"W, when I was a kid many long years ago, our Galizianer 
custom for maror was to eat a piece of horse radish with 
some of the green sprouting attached. Although I didn't 
realize it then, we obviously preserved the memory of eating 
a green leafy vegetable.  For the sandwich we used a slice 
of white alone.

Some 61 years ago, when I got married, we switched to my 
wife's E"Y minhag, romaine lettuce, a piece with the core of 
the stalk with some leaf attached.

Purim sameach and Pesach kasher - or is it Purim kasher and 
Pesach sameach,

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