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Mon, 28 Aug 2006

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From: "SBA" <...@sba2.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 00:57:13 +1000
[Avodah] Tel Talpiyot - Hungarian rabbinical journal

From: "Glasner, David" <>
Tel Talpiyot is the name of the Hungarian rabbinical journal in which
the work may first have appeared. It is also possible that the statement
about ein adam oseh be'ilot znut was made in the subsequent responses and
rejoinders that appeared in Tel Talpiyot. It would be worth tracking
down those contributions in Tel Talpiyot which are not contained in
the original kuntres now in my possession. If anyone has access to
the original journals, I would appreciate hearing from him, so that I
could obtain copies of the subsequent material.

The 'Tel Talpiyos' Torah journal was published for 45 years (5653-5698)
 and a 143 page index of all issues was published in EY
according to http://www.moreshet.co.il/zomet/ar.asp?v_id=1409
(except that I have a reprint of the first 2 years, and it clearly shows 
publication began in 5652).  45/46 years! It must be some record.

Published in my birthplace Vac - under the 'supervision' ('omed tachas
bikores') of RDG's other great-grandfather (considered one of the 2-3
top gedolim of Hungary - as well as a poel yeshuos, baal mofes...and
a kanoi, Rav Yeshaye Zilberstein zt'l - baal Maasei Lemelech)

Meanwhile I notice that in my volume there are 2 short pieces by RMSG.


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????? - ???? ?????? ????? ???????, ???-???
??? 45 ??? (???"?-???"?) ????? ??? ??? ?????? ??-??????, ??????? ???????? ?? 
??? ?"? ?????? ??"?, ???? ??? ????? ?? ?????? ????? ???????? ???????. ????? 
?????? ???????? ??????? ??????? ????? ??? ????? ????? ???????.

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From: "Yisrael Medad" <yisrael.me...@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 21:25:11 +0200
[Avodah] Putting Oneself In Danger

Following up on these two comments:

R' Chaim Manaster wrote:
> In parshas Matos I noticed a vort in  Torah Lodas from the Panim Yafos
> that does clair such shailos. The Yalkut on  Vayitzbu al Midyan ... They
> surrounded them on four sides. R. Nosson says  they left the fourth side
> open "kedai sheyivrechu," so that they c[s]hould  run away. He asks why
> should R. Nosson allow them to get away? [gave a long  answer]<<

Please excuse me if I'm saying something so obvious that of /course/ you
already knew this, but -- the pshat is, if you don't allow a defeated
enemy an escape route, you corner him and force him to fight to the
death -- thus leading to unnecessary deaths among your own men.

Just as an historical aside, at the battle for Deir Yassin, the attacking
Irgun and Lechi forces actually did leave an escape route to Ein Kerem
open.  But only a portion of the villagers took advantage of their largesse.

Yisrael Medad
Mobile Post Efraim 44830
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