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Monday, August 5 2002

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Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 18:08:16 -0400
From: "Feldman, Mark" <MFeldman@CM-P.COM>
RE: The MB and psaq

I would like to add to the discussion comments made by RDEidensohn in 1999:
<<To complicate things more - the Biur Halacha is where true genius is
demonstrated. But his son - Rav Aryeh Leib - claims to have written many
of those concerning hilchos Shabbos. Rabbi Elimelech Bluth - Rav Moshe
Feinsteins gabbai for many years said that Rav Moshe once told him "The
Mishna Berua was composed by a committee of Talmidei Chachomim. Therefore
it is more binding on Klall Yisroel than if composed by an individual".
These statements cause rage - to put it mildly - when mentioned to some
contemporary talmidei chachomim. Though Rav Sternbuch told me that he
had no problem with them - he acknowledged that many others could not
accept them.>>

These statements are similar to my own that the MB was not solely composed
by the CC.

I did get the impression that RHS takes issue with Rav Moshe's conclusion
that the MB is binding because it was composed by a committee. AIUI,
the other talmidei chachamim involved were not known poskim. (It would
be different if the work benefitted from the shaklah v'tarya of known
poskim (as sometimes happens today in torah journals).) On the contrary,
I would argue (and did get the impression from RHS that he would argue)
that the fact that it was composed by committee indicated that it was
not a sefer psak but a sefer summarizing the works of the achronim w/o
being machree'a the halacha.

Kol tuv,

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Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 15:08:59 +1000
From: "SBA" <sba@iprimus.com.au>
rings - beged isha. ?

From: "Carl and Adina Sherer" <sherer@actcom.co.il>
> Akiva Atwood wrote:
>> debate aside, what is the hakpada in some circles for a man not to wear
>> a ring after marriage? ...

> I would think it's Begged Isha.

KSA dinei netilas lulav [177:3] recommends removal of rings befor netila
(with the MB saying that if he didn't, he should redo it without rings).
It seems that they do not consider rings as beged isha.

OTOH I don't recall women removing their rings before netilas lulav..
Has anyone heard of them doing so?


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