Thoughts about Teshuvah

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  1. Nice, but could have benefitted from a little editing. The segues are a bit jarring. “In the last two essays,” etc. They may have been the last two essays when you posted them, but not in the order presented here.

  2. micha says:

    Still needs help from people with editing and proofreading skills, if anyone wants to offer.

  3. micha says:

    You’re welcome. Please come back with editorial comments — there is “blog” level proofreading (meaning: little to none) on it.

    As you might have noticed from the age of some of the comments, this is an annual post. Every time I blog something I think is relevant, I add another chapter. Every year, I advertise the booklet’s availability. And every year, I try to hit up a commenter for free editing.

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