The God Particle

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  1. Shlomo Argamon says:

    A great analogy due to Moshe Koppel, in commenting on a book by Daniel Dennett, one of the big atheism-boosters of our day, is that thinking that science obviates religion is like understanding how the lighting and mechanisms on a theater stage work and thus thinking that you understand the play.

  2. Shlomo Argamon says:

    Indeed. “maasav”, and not “maasei acherim” (others’ actions). A principle often overlooked.

    • micha says:

      I would say that’s the biggest of three mistakes people make.

      The second is that people just pick whatever sticks out in the mind, instead of an actual pishpush bemaasav and thinking about where the real problems lie.

      The third is to think that because I am obligated to harness my response to a tragic event constructively, to find what it motivates me to improve and make that improvement, that implies that there is some causal connection. That the sin I am looking to do teshuvah is being blamed as the cause of the tragedy.

  3. micha says:

    Y’all seem more interested in my earlier post He Should Inspect His Deeds, on the gemara I’ve been citing.

    This post intended to make a point that I don’t want buried, that understanding the world scientifically ought to bolster our faith, not challenge it. Yes, there is overlap with the idea of understanding disease medically and yet still treating it as an Act of G-d. But this post intended to be more positive than that.

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