Speaking Yiddish

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2 Responses

  1. moshe says:

    Sums up, al regel achas, what America is all about.
    It is about everything but humans and, by extension, also humanity (metchlichkeit)

  2. Jon Baker says:

    As is my wont, I see it as a change in technology. You look out the window, you see a big black car (or in Israel, a small white car) with tinted windows. You see the taxi, you don’t see the driver.

    In the pre-automobile period, you’d see a wagon or hansom, where the driver sits on a high bench at the front of the carriage or wagon. So the most prominent thing is the driver.

    So Yiddish developed in a time when people used horses for transport, and reflects that technology. Our usage reflects our reality, without need to resort to homiletics about the degenerate state of American culture.

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