Reasons for Mitzvos

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  1. כ״ח באייר תשס״ז – Tue, May 15, 2007

    […] After proving that ge’onim and rishonim assert the existence of a natural ethic (citing R’ Nissim Gaon, Ramban, Chizquni and Rav Saadia) he ends up revamping MA to be about supplementing natural ethics with the more refined Divine ethic. For example, one can argue the need for a Divine ethic not on the grounds of “Thou shalt not murder” but on the impossibility of natural ethic dealing with abortion, euthanasia, and the other borderline cases in any deterministic way. (This ties back to an entry written earlier this week.) […]

  2. כ״ט באייר תשס״ז – Wed, May 16, 2007

    […] there, it seemsAspaqlaria » Blog Archive » Ethics and Morality on Hashem and Morality: […] We therefore have two notions of morality: In thisAspaqlaria » Blog Archive » Hashem and Morality on Reasons for Mitzvos: […] Afterproving that ge’onim and rishonim assert the existencemicha on The Butler’s Dilemma: Yeihareig ve’al ya’avor is about lehatzil atzmo. The butler’s dilemma […]

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