Anger and the Golden Mean

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  1. ט׳ בשבט תשס״ח – Wed, Jan 16, 2008

    […] The basic problem of understanding the difference between the Rambam Hil Dei’os ch 1 and ch 2 is not anavah, but ka’as (anger). With ka’as he explicitly invokes the middle path in ch. 1, and yet calls on you to eliminate anger entirely in ch. 2. But the Rambam makes a distinction at the end of ch. 1. He’s describing two different ideals: the chokhom (wise person) is one who seeks the mean. The chassid (pious person) is one who goes beyond that to reduce his own “space”. We could extend that resolution to anavah too. (This is discussed at length, here.) […]

  2. ט׳ בסיון תש״ע – Fri, May 21, 2010

    […] Anger and the Golden Mean […]

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