Monthly Archive: כ״ג בסיון תשע״ט – Tue, Jun 25, 2019


Torah im Derekh Eretz – Torah uMada

I wrote the following for a rather informal venue. Lots of acronyms to speed up typing. Given my son Aishey’s upcoming wedding, I don’t have the time to rewrite it, but I wanted to capture the content while it was still new enough for me to remember to do so. “Torah uMadda“, YU’s motto, doesn’t have a precise formulation. Rav...


Silk Screened Sifrei Torah

Over a decade ago, Rabbi Yitzchak Abadi came up with a method for silk-screening Sifrei Torah. The ink is manually pushed through a silk-screen onto a qelaf. Here is a video in which they describe the process. I don’t know of any other support for this process. What I don’t understand is why not. This same debate was had when...