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Modern Consciousness and Mesorah

The Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks wrote the following in an article included in the 1992 book, Rabbinic Authority and Personal Autonomy (Dr. Moshe Sokol ed.), pp. 165-167: [S]urely we are sociologically and philosophically sophisticate enough to realize — given the wealth of studies on this very point — that it is this modern consciousness that is radically subversive of...


Qitzur Shulchan Arukh – 65:2

ב: מי שנכשל ולקח רבית, מחיב להחזירהו – מלבד רבית מקדמת ורבית מאחרת דלקמן סעי’ ו’ – קס”א Someone who stumbled and did take interest is obligated to return it; except for an increase collected before the loan, or one collected after the loan, as we shall see in law #6. Given that the violation is a lack of fraternal...