Monthly Archive: ט׳ בתשרי תשס״ח – Thu, Sep 20, 2007



( You will notice that this entry is pretty much straight lomdus rather than my usual fare. When I wrote Rafi’s bar mitzvah speech, I ran overly long. Here is an even longer earlier edition, but one that is more complete in covering my thoughts on the subject. -mi) In parashas Behar (25:18), it says: “Vesapharta lekha sheva` shabasos shanim...


כג אלול תשס”א

Tonight begins the 6th yahrzeit. It can be no coincidence that it is a weak before Rosh haShanah that we have the reminder of how a beautiful sunny day can, in the blink of an eye, turn into the most horrible of tragedies. …בראש השנה יכתבון, וביום צום כפור יחתמון On Rosh Hashanah they will be written, and on Yom...