Monthly Archive: כ״ח באייר תשס״ו – Thu, May 25, 2006


Al Netilas Yadayim

The audio recording (b”H, much clearer than my first attempt at recording a shiur) attached is from the “Tefillah: Beyond the Words” class, a discussion of the berakhah of “Al Netilas Yadayim“. The class starts with a discussion of berakhos in general: Various opinions of the meaning of the word “barukh”, the structure, three conceptions of how to make a...


Modeh Ani

WARNING: Recording sound quality is poor! Attached is an audio shiur on the subject of Modeh Ani.The topics covered: The meaning of the words and problems with the naive translation Two roles for prayer Yehudah and Modeh — connectedness Hakaras haTov — thankfulness and the nature of chesed