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Fri, 01 Mar 2024

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From: Michael Poppers
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2024 22:20:34 -0500
Re: [Avodah] Arbaa Turim - rows or columns?

In Avodah V42n14, RAMiller noted:
> I found the answer. As I somewhat expected, it is a machlokes.... <
...and I can read M'lachim Aleph 7
<https://mechon-mamre.org/p/pt/pt09a07.htm>'s "tur[im/ei]" as referring to
columns, but unless I misunderstood the commentators I looked at this past
Shabbos, at least some interpreted "row(s)" rather than "column(s)."
Checking MG AlHatorah <https://mg.alhatorah.org/Full/Melakhim_I/7.1#e0n6>
now, seems like commentators interpret "turei amudei" (verse 2ff.) as
columns and "turim" (verse 12ff.) as rows -- if so, a "tur" is basically a
straight line [of something] that could be horizontal or vertical,
depending on the context; and thus re the Choshen, either row or column
could apply (except that by the time of Yirm'yahu haNavi, a columnar "tur"
would have an "amud" modifier to distinguish it :)).

P.S. RAM, were you going to 'reply to Avodah' with the answers you heard at
the Hashkama Kiddush re *k'lavim* (and other animals) being 'reward'ed? :)

All the best from
*Michael Poppers* * Elizabeth, NJ, USA
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Message: 2
From: Joel Rich
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2024 05:49:46 +0200
[Avodah] Shulchan Aruch Intent

In the recent Hakira (34) there was an exchange concerning R Y Karo?s
authorial/intent in writing the S?A. R M Shapiro uses the introduction to
the S?A to show ? his purpose was to write a practical halachic work?. R A
Storch felt the purpose was, ?a tool to remember the information contained
in the Bet Yosef?.
I think R Shapiro?s position is more widely held but I always wonder why
then didn?t the S?A stick more to apodictic laws rather than so many yesh
omrims etc? Thoughts?
Bsorot Tovot
Joel Rich
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