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Monday, October 16 2000

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Subjects Discussed In This Issue:
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 13:23:30 -0400
From: Gil.Student@citicorp.com

Regarding our discussion about asking for mechila via e-mail, The Jewish Week 
has an article about it this week, quoting one of our list-members. 

Gil Student

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Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 12:47:24 -0400
From: "Rich, Joel" <JRich@segalco.com>
tu baav

> As I understand the story (I'm not sure if it is a gemara or medrash or
> whatever), when we were in the midbar, each year on Tisha B'av, everyone
> would go to sleep in their graves...

> I have two questions about this story:

It is a gemora (I think in Taanis or Megilla) and the mfarshim discuss your
question at length - I specifically remember the Maharsha dealing with it.
If no one gets back to you in detail before then (and my guess is they
will), I will B"N look it up over the chag so I don't misstate.

Shabbat shalom and chag sameach,
Joel Rich

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Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 13:50:23 -0400
From: MPoppers@kayescholer.com
Re: OMaiN

In Avodah V6#13, MBerger replied:
> BTW, your line of reasoning would have us call the famous rishoninim
> Ramobema, Ramobena, and Ra'i'fa. Not to mention the famous sefer, the Tuza.

I know, my friend, I know (although I must quibble that I was arguing
"AiMeN," not "AiMeNe" :-)), but I'm sure I needn't point out the
distinction between the pronunciation of acronyms invented from initials
(e.g. NATO is universally pronounced "naito," not "norattreeorg" or the
like) and the source for "omain."

All the best from
Michael Poppers * Elizabeth, NJ

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Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 13:50:45 -0400
From: MPoppers@kayescholer.com
Re: Yom Kippur Notes

In Avodah V6 #13, MBerger replied:
> Note that Sh'mini Atzeres comes after 49 days of teshuvah (starting
> R' Chodesh Elul). It invites comparison to the other Atzeres.

Tangentially, NB what occurs 50 days _before_ Rosh Chodesh Ellul --
places tisha b'Av and its aftermath in a different light, no?

All the best from
Michael Poppers * Elizabeth, NJ

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Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 20:56:25 +0200
From: "S. Goldstein" <goldstin@netvision.net.il>
Re: Avodah V6 #13

The Meiri refers to the Rambam as Ram(Abbreviation) when quoting his
commentary on Mishnah.  When referring to Yad he calls him Gdolei
HaMechabrim, loosely, the Great Author.  Rather it is the Ran who calls the
Rambam, "Ram biMazal"

The Rambam in his Commentary to Mishnah on Sanhedrin on the famous Mishnah
that all Jews have a portion in the World to Come explains who leaves this
category.  Basically any non-Torah ideology exits and forfeits the name
Yisroel, their portion in the World to Come and is basically not Jewish.

Would such a person who did Tshuva require geirus?  Not the Rambam's issue
here.  On face value this lends credence to the "nebech an apikorus".
However, perhaps distinctions could be made because here the Rambam is not
discussing TsN at all.  Are talmidim of rshoim equal in din to the rshaim?
Not discussed here.  It seems this is not a good source for these further

Shlomo Goldstein

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