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Monday, July 17 2000

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Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 14:21:48 -0500
From: Micha Berger <micha@aishdas.org>
Re: More on the nature of the yeitzer hara

On Fri, Jul 14, 2000 at 03:10:19PM -0400, DFinchPC@aol.com wrote:
:: person has only one spirit. To whatever extent a person's spirit is devoted
:: to pursuing wealth and honor, he cannot simultaneously pursue closeness to
:: G-d.

: Once, during one of RYGB's shiurim, I alluded to the Xtian belief that one
: cannot serve G-d and Mammon both. RYGB said that we don't posken that way.
: But isn't that what you're saying? (Personally, I agree with you. I'm not
: sure RYGB really disagrees, either, except in the sense that identifies no
: halacha that is violated by the pursuit of wealth and honor.)

I think we all agree, really. The question is whether one is pursuing wealth
as an avodah zara, or whether one is pursuing wealth as a means to something
more meaningful. IOW, in Xianity, stam wealth is traif, whereas we believe
stam wealth is pareve -- all axiological content comes from its usage.


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Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 01:28:29 -0500
From: "Yosef Gavriel and Shoshanah M. Bechhofer" <sbechhof@casbah.acns.nwu.edu>
Desperately Seeking Mareh Makom!!!

Our Moderator does not like cross-posting between Avodah and Arevim ,and I 
apologize in advance, but I am desperate for a Mareh Makom ASAP.

I remember once, years ago, having seen a statement that it is a 
shortcoming in Bitachon to set up endowment funds for yeshivos - if you 
have money to spend on Harboztas Torah, spend it today - and trust in HKB"H 
for tomorrow! I seem to recall having seen this in the name of the Chofetz 
Chaim, yet three searches through the CC al Ha'torah did not reveal the 

If anyone has heard this position, knows its whereabouts, or knows some way 
to find it or someone very conversant with the Chofetz Chaim's writings and 
likkutim to find this, I would be very, very, very grateful!



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