Thoughts about Teshuvah

Aspaqlaria: Aseres Yemei Teshuvah” (49 pages) is a collection of essays adapted from those that appeared here on the subjects of teshuvah, shofar, vidui, and the Aseres Yemei Teshuvah. It is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, ready for printing.

Table of contents:

Spiritual Planning1
9/11 and How to Effect Permanent Change3
Teshuvah and Submission7
A Good and Sweet New Year9
Crowning Hashem My King11
Epilogue: Pragmatics14
Memories of His Dear Child Ephraim16
And with What? With a Shofar20
The Simplicity of the Shofar22
From Qeren to Shofar23
The Shofar’s Call24
Unesaneh Tokef25
Selichah, Mechilah, Kapparah, Yir’ah and Simchah28
Aval Asheimim Anachnu31
Anu ma’amirekha ve’Atah ma’amireinu33
Invoking The Thirteen Middos34
Appendix: The Mechanism of Teshuvah39
Of Empty Cups42
The Thermodynamics of History45
The Gift of Justice47

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  1. You’re welcome. Please come back with editorial comments — there is “blog” level proofreading (meaning: little to none) on it.

    As you might have noticed from the age of some of the comments, this is an annual post. Every time I blog something I think is relevant, I add another chapter. Every year, I advertise the booklet’s availability. And every year, I try to hit up a commenter for free editing.

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